Thursday, August 12, 2010

Remember me?

Wow! I haven't been here since March? Guess I've been busy. Let's see:

1.) I taught summer school, and EVERY student passed! I wish the success rate was that wonderful during the school year!

2.) My son got an engaged. He and his fiancee are going to be seniors this year, and they're planning to get married right out of high school. I can't get them to change their minds. Hmph.

3.) I left First Baptist and an returning to Maranatha Church. I'm excited about this too! Pastor asked me to come back and play the piano so that the current pianist can retire, and I accepted that position officially last week.

4.) I am still teaching the women's Bible study at a local mission, and it's going extremely well.

5.) Perhaps the biggest change in my life has to deal with my diabetes diagnosis. My blood glucose level was 600, and some people go into a coma at 500! I've been taking meds to get my sugar at healthy levels, and it's working pretty well. I don't have to take insulin, though, and I'm grateful for that. I sure do miss chocolate candy! :D I don't like sugar-free choclate; it tastes ok, but it upsets my stomach. I'd rather have nothing.

I hope all is well at your house!

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